About Us

Riverine People is a youth-based civil society initiative promoting citizen stewardship of rivers, estuaries and other inshore wetlands in Bangladesh since 2010. This knowledge-based river movement was initiated by the spirit of a youth group of fresh graduates and young professionals who are personally committed and sensitive to riverine cause.

Our Vision

Riverine People envision a Bangladesh and South Asia where healthy, wealthy and resilient rivers will flow freely to support thriving community, culture, ecology, and economy.

Our Mission

To build an informed insightful, engaged and enthusiastic community to build a resource hub on water issues to restore, conserve and explore the rivers and wetlands in and around Bangladesh and South Asia.

Our Approaches

River conservation through research, campaign, advocacy, youth engagement & learning, community knowledge enhancement, citizen science, riverine culture & heritage preservation, traditional knowledge of river management, trans-boundary consensus for river basin management are major approaches. It is the pioneer and co- coordinator of World Rivers Day in Bangladesh. It has local units operating in all the eight divisions and top universities.

Riverine People values the cultural importance of rivers. Hydrological and morphological degradation of river starts from cultural detachment, it believes. That is why Riverine People has been working on riverine mythology, spirituality, art, songs, poetry, performing art from the very beginning. It is one of the pioneer organizations working on cultural heritage of rivers in Bangladesh. The people and communities traditionally cherishing river-based culture across basins is connected to the Riverine People.

Our Engagement

One of its signature youth based campaign is National River Olympiad which engages thousands of graduation level students to sensitize about river related knowledge. Riverine People also work to pursue policy changes, Riverine People facilitates multi- stakeholder consultation as part of its diverse advocacy programs based on evidence making by citizen science projects, among all Bangladesh River Forum is another significant initiative for network building among all civil society organizations.

Riverine People conducts research and water quality testing projects. Concept of ‘Academic documentation’ has been introduced by Riverine People created a new knowledge to support river campaigns and advocacy work. Riverine People engage river communities to protect, manage, preserve and explore the potentials of their river; it has more than 100 river conservation committees and clubs to mobilize communities for river conservation.

Contact Us

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